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Are You Prepared For The 26.5.2121?

3 common mistakes about the MDR

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This is the time to designate PRRC!

As your PRRC SYNC Projects will:

  • Provide you with a comprehensive professional answer, also on additional quality and regulatory issues to MDR related to medical equipment. and the required compliance with the European market (including the UK).

  • Define an annual plan, according to which we will act and carry out the PRRC tasks for the benefit of the organization's compliance with European regulatory guidelines.

  • Make sure to be available to you, including the appointment of a 'deputy' to PRRC (if necessary), we will respond to an initial response to any issue in shortest time as possible (no later than 24 hours).

  • In the event of a sudden inspection, we will physically reach the manufacturer to accompany the reviewer and you.

Why should you choose SYNC  Projects?

We Provide close and available guidance to any subject in the shortest time as possible.

We provide full transparency to all interested parties and invite you to visit us at any time.

We have more then 16  years of business experience with

a professional and reliable reputation in the field.

The company's services are performed by a skilled team, in order to provide fast and efficient service to all our customers.

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